News & Results 2011

** December 2011

Christmas Club Display

Check out the photos displayed on the Gallery Page.

British Championships Acrobatics & Tumbling Tournament

Another busy weekend for our acrobatic and tumbling gymnasts as they travelled to Stoke On Trent to compete in the British Championships.  This was an extremely high class competition but all our gymnasts performed their routines well and even brought some medals home.

Thanks to Deny, Joan, John and Leanne for their coaching and support.

The results were as follows:

  • 11-16 Years Tempo:        Chloe, Sadie and Rochelle - overall 24th place
  • 11-16 Years Balance:       Chloe, Sadie and Rochelle - overall 25th place

  • International 1 Balance:  Catherine, Eleanor and Isabelle - 7th place overall
                                             Annie, Katie & Olivia - 8th place overall

  • International 1 Tempo:    Catherine, Eleanor and Isabelle - 7th place, 6th position overall
                                              Annie, Katie & Olivia - 6th place, 7th position overall

Well done girls, you should be proud of yourselves.  We thoroughly enjoyed watching you on British gymnastics Live Stream TV.

For those wanting to see the trios click on to British Gymnastics website - and click on BGTV. 
You can watch the girls on Part 3, about 7.46 mins in and 19.57 mins in respectively.

Two of our top tumblers performed well with some excellent men's tumbling. 

The results were as follows:

  • 13 - 14 Years:  Michael Riseborough - Run 1 - 2nd place, Run 2 - 3rd place
  • Final Results:                                     Final 1 - 1st place, Final 2 - 1st place

  • Senior Men's:   Mark Carney - Run 1 - 2nd place, Run 2 - 5th place
  • Final Results:                          Final 1 - 3rd place, Final 2 - 3rd place

Well done to you both.

The Cleveland Competition

A massive congratulations to all our gymnasts who competed in the acrobatics and tumbling competition, namely "The Cleveland Comp" last weekend.  This is the second year Gymworld has hosted this event which invited other gymnastic clubs in the Tees Valley.  A whole load of medals were up for grabs and even our younger gymnasts were able to compete.  I think we can safely say that an excellent day was had by all.  Thanks go to Middlesbrough College and all the coaches and volunteers who helped make this another successful event.

Here are just some of the photos of our gymnasts.  Apologies if you are not on here but I did try and photograph as many of the gymnasts as possible.



** November 2011

Sharlene Slater Competition - Tyneside

Congratulations to our Acro Trios of Sadie, Chloe and Rochelle. Katie, Olivia and Annie. Eleanor, Catherine and Izzy, who recently competed in the second Sharlene Slater Competition at South Tyneside and a first invitation for Gymworld.

This was a high class competition with over 300 gymnasts competing from clubs as far a field as Rotherham, Heathrow and Geneva.  Although the girls weren't placed this time around, they all came away with positive experience of the weekend and I think the highlight of the day for the girls was meeting Spellbound. All in all an excellent competition of gymnastic acrobatics.

** October 2011

Teesside & Durham Boys Competition - Redcar 

(back row - Niall Jukes-Williams & Jim Smith)
(front row - Josh Hadaway & Paul Robinson-Leopard)

Charlie Potter

On Saturday 29th October our boys squad competed at Redcar Gymnastics Club against other gymnasts from Teesside and Durham.  The boys were nervous as for most of them this was their first competition.  However nerves aside they all performed brilliant on the day.  Jim Smith did an excellent tumble run in his floor routine and worked hard to achieve this.  Well done to all the boys, a great achievement with lots of medals.  Thanks also to Michelle and Anthony for their coaching support.

The results were as follows:

  • Beginners 8 years - Josh Hadaway - Silver medal
                                   - Paul Robinson-Leopard, Bronze medal

  • Beginners 10 + Under - Alex Smith - 6th place

  • Advanced 12 + Under - Niall Jukes-Williams, Silver medal
                                        - Jim Smith - Bronze medal
                                        - Charlie Potter - 4th place ribbon

  • Judges Award - Charlie Potter  

Pink Ladies Invitational - South Durham

Once again the weekend of the 8th & 9th October was taken up by some of our artistic girls travelling north to Spennymoor to compete in the Pink Ladies Invitational 2011.  This is the second year South Durham have hosted this event which was an open invitation to gymnastic clubs across Great Britain so the competition was high with  clubs from as far afield as Scotland.

This was the first time our younger girls, Maisie, Eve & Amelia were selected to compete, joined by Libby in the afternoon rotation, so nerves were evident on arrival.  However these were soon overcome with excitement once the "pink gym" became visible (and I'm not exaggerating when I say "everything" was pink!).

Once warmed up the girls marched on in their glittery club leotards (thanks to Nikki for painstakingly sewing individual sparkles on each leotard).

The atmosphere was exciting and noisy and all the gymnasts had a good competition with some great routines.  Although the girls weren't placed this time, each gymnast received a cuddly beanie which they loved.

The results were as follows:

  • Novice 10 & Under:-

Amelia Brynn - 8th place overall, best position - 4th on bars.  Well done Amelia and just missing out on a ribbon.

Eve Robson - 14th place overall, best position 9th on vault.  Well done Eve.

Maisie Quain - 18th place overall, best position 16th on vault.  Well done Maisie

  • Level 4 - 11 & Under:-

Libby Hedger - 9th place overall, best position 5th on vault and bars.  Well done Libby.

  • Level 4 Under 13:-

Kate Long had a great competition, unfortunately being in a different age category meant she had to compete by herself on Sunday but unperturbed, sticking beam achieved her the silver medal as well as being placed 4th on vault.  Well done Kate, 8th place overall.

A very long and tiring weekend but thanks especially go to John and Nikki for looking after the girls on the day and keeping their spirits up.  A huge thanks to Abigail Long for her enthusiasm and support to all the girls on the day and next year will be old enough to compete.

Kate with her silver medal

Eve, Maisie, Amelia & Libby

                                                                                         (said it was pink!)

** September 2011

Regional Age Groups - South Durham

The weekend of the 25th September saw some of our 4 piece artistic girls competing at "The Pink Gym" home of South Durham Gymnastics Club, Spennymoor where they performed in the Regional Voluntary Age Groups.

The level of competition was extremely high on the day as there were a number of gymnasts competing who were already representing Great Britain.  However the girls smiled all the way round, supported by their team mascot Amelia, and pulled off some amazing routines.  The results were as follows:

Katie Myers - 2nd place
Catherine Wilson - 3rd place
Olivia Morley - 4th place
Libby Hedger - 5th place
Kate Long - 6th place

Overall Position - Team Gold

Well done girls, a great achievement for yourselves and Gymworld.  

Thanks to all the coaches and parents for their dedication and support, not only on the day but in the gym too.

(left to right - Katie, Libby, Catherine (back row), Kate & Olivia proudly displaying their medals)

** July 2011  

Congratulations to Joel Fitzpatrick who had an extremely successful competition when he competed in the Special Olympics World Summer Games which took place in Athens, Greece between June 25th and July 4th.  Over 7,000 athletes descended upon the area, participating in a total of 21 sports and 30 venues.  Not only was Joel representing Great Britain but he was also flying the flag for Gymworld.  Joel's final results were as follows:

Horizontal Bars - 4th, Rings - 5th, Parallel Bars - 1st, Vaulting - 4th, Floor Exercise 1st, Pommel Horse - 5th 
Male All Round - 5th place

Well done!

** June 2011

The Greater Manchester Open Competition

The weekend of the 11th June saw 5 of our artistic gymnasts travel to Warrington to compete in the Greater Manchester Open.  Clubs from the North and West attended a busy and exciting competition with some very talented gymnasts.  The girls stayed over in a hotel the night before and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, especially Amelia who was competing for the first time in this event.  The girls pulled off their routines with some excellent moves so congratulations and well done to you all.

A big congratulations to Katie Myers who won Gold on Floor and Bronze on Vault

Olivia, Libby, Amelia, Kate, Katie

Final results were as follows:

  • Novice Aged 10 years -
- Amelia Brynn who was placed 24th overall

  • Regional Level 4 Seniors -

- Kate Long who was placed 32nd and being one of the younger gymnasts in her age group at only 11 years of age
- Olivia Morley who was placed 29th overall
- Katie Myers who was placed 25th overall

  • Regional Level 4 Juniors

- A fantastic competition for Libby Hedger who finished in overall 8th position and just missing out on a ribbon. Well done Libby

** May 2011

British Tumbling Championships

Congratulations to Michael Risebrough and Mark Carney for qualifying for the British Tumbling Championships.

Tees Valley Schools Finals

Another excellent result for the following gymnasts, well done to all.

  • Under 11 Years - Annie & Libby - Gold medal position
  • Under 10 years - Elanna - Gold medal position
  • Well done also to Niall who won Gold on the vault

County Schools Competition

  • Under 11 years - Annie Henderson - Gold medal winner
  •                           Libby Hedger - Silver medal winner
  • Under 10 years - Elanna Carden-Smith - Gold medal winner

Well done girls, this means you can compete at the Tees Valley Schools Finals

NDP Tumbling & Acrobatics Finals 

Another busy weekend for our acro and tumbling squad as they travelled to Stoke for the finals.

  • Tumbling:-

National 3 -  Billy Kelly came away with a silver medal
                   Eleanor came away with a bronze medal

National 4: - Catherine awarded a bronze medal

  • Acrobatics:-

The trio of Catherine, Eleanor and Izzy gained 10th place     

Once again well done to all who competed and for the coaches and parents support in this event.

Regional Acrobatics & Tumbling NDP

  • Tumbling:-

Elite 2 - Lydia Smithson - Silver medal position
            Olivia Morley - Bronze medal position                                                               Catherine & Eleanor with their gold medals

Elite 3 - Eleanor Monty - Gold medal winner
            Billy Kelly - Gold medal winner

Elite 4 - Catherine Wilson - Gold medal winner

  • Acrobatics:-
  • Catherine Wilson, Eleanor Monty and Izzy - Gold medal winners  

Excellent results with thanks to all the coaches for their hard work and dedication.

British Schools Competition National Finals

The weekend of the 7th-8th May gymnasts travelled to Stoke On Trent for this competition, again representing their respective schools with some excellent routines and more importantly results as follows:

  • Under 11 Years - Acrobatics
Silver medal winners were Annie & Will Henderson

  • 13+ Years - Acrobatics

Silver medal winners were Rochelle Naylor and Chloe Wijesinghe

  • 13+ Years - Tumbling

In 5th position was Katie Myers
In 6th position was Lydia Smithson

Well done to all who competed, great results for both your schools and Gymworld.

North of England - Novice & Intermediate Championships 

A massive congratulations to all the girls who competed in the above competition at the weekend in Newcastle.  You did yourselves and Gymworld proud.  Thanks also to all the coaches and parents for supporting the gymnasts in what was a long and tiring day.



13 Years & Under - Kate Long did an impressive competition and was awarded 1st place in her age group.  Well done Kate.

  • 11 Years & Under - Libby Hedger and Amelia Brynn competed with some difficult but impressive moves. Well done girls.
  • 9 Years Age Group - competing for the first time in this competition were Eve Robson, Maisie Quain and Elanna Carden-Smith.  Well done girls, a slightly different competition to the grades but you all learned new moves and looked fab in your shiny red leotards.
(Back row left to right; Elanna, Kate, Libby, Front row left to right; Eve, Abigail, Maisie)

** April 2011


The North of England Grades 

Elanna, Eve, Abigail & Maisie

Well done girls on passing your NDP grades 14 & 13


Well done also to Amelia Brynn who successfully passed Grade 12 and achieved 16th position with a score of 44.65


** March 2011


The Yorkshire & Humberside Special Olympics Competition

Well done to all the gymnasts.  

North of England Regional Grades

Congratulations to the following gymnasts who successfully passed their grades at the recent competition held at the City of Newcastle:

  • Kate Long - National Grade 8, achieving 10th position with an overall score of 44.99
  • Libby Hedger - National Grade 7, achieving 2nd position with an overall score of 36.34

The North East Schools Acrobatic & Tumbling Competition

** January 2011


The Cleveland Competition

Gymworld with a host of medals at the Cleveland Competition at Middlesbrough College.  Well done to all gymnasts, some of which was their first competition.  Thanks to Middlesbrough College for supporting Gymworld in hosting this event.



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